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Surf Excel Powder

Surf Excel Powder

Get a perfect wash with 100% tough stain removal

About the product

Surf Excel believes that every stain a child brings home is an experience and a value learned! If a child learns something and gets dirty in that process, then Dirt is Good. To clean these difficult stains you dont have to put in extra effort. With Surf Excel you can remove multiple stains easily and quicly without much effort.

Key benefits

With extra cleaning particles, Surf provides a brilliant clean that leaves your clothes spotless

• Removes tough stains faster with less effort, just soak the clothes for 30min in Surf Excel and you can wash the tough stains easily
• Removes various types of stains such as tea, coffee, curry , oil, mud, tomato sacue , chocolate sauce
• Has a great fragrance
• Its great value for money as one scoop of Surf is equal to two scoops of a normal washing powder.