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Surf Excel Matic Liquid Top Load

Surf Excel Matic Liquid Top Load

Get a perfect wash with no residue & 100% tough stain removal in the washing machine itself!

About the product

Do you want to make your laundry process easier and delightfull?

The New Surf Excel Matic liquid is a revolutionary product that is specially designed for your Top load washing machine. It dissolves well in the machine leaving no reside and removes tough stains 100% in the washing machine itself. Try new Surf Excel matic liquid for a brilliant clean in the washing machine.

Key benefits

• No More Residue: being liquid it dissolves quickly and completely in high water level environment of washing machines leaving no residue on clothes or in machines.

• Faster Stain Removal: with a powerful cleaning technology it penetrates stains faster and removes tough stains in machines itself in 3 easy steps:
• Step 1: pour some liquid on the tough stain
• Step 2: rub the stain with the Stain Scrubber cap
• Step 3: pour the remaining liquid in the machine.

• Superior Fragrance: it ensures that your clothes not only look fresh but also smell fresh while being safe on your hands.

• Colour Care: it removes tough stains in machines but retains the original color of the fabric.

• Machine Care: it is specially deisgned for Top Load washing machine ,causing no scaling and produces the right amount of foam.