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Roll the Number

Sometimes, the usual learning method bores child so much so that he/she loses interest in learning. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn,” which tells us that if we involve children through different activities and make education fun for them, then the lessons will be memorized quickly and for a longer period.

roll the number

While some children love to study Mathematics over other subjects, some of them cannot grasp it promptly. We have devised a fun Maths activity for our mothers and kids.

Here you go:

Things needed:

One paper One blue marker One red marker Two dices Some of your child’s favorite snacks ;)


  1. Take a paper and write numbers from 1-12 from blue marker.
  2. Now hand over the dices to your kiddo and ask him/her to roll them.
  3. When the dices come to a stop, they will show the dots on its top. Ask your kiddo to add those dots.
  4. After adding it up, let your mathematician find out the result of the equation and cross it out on the paper.

Invite over your child’s friends and make this activity more fun by presenting goodies to the ones who solves the equations correctly and the fastest.