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Paper Plate Ring Toss

Our little explorers are always busy exploring creative things. Let’s ignite their passion for exploration. Have some extra paper plates on hand? Want to craft up something fun and exciting with kiddos? Here is an interesting activity that you can do with your kiddos.

Things you need:

Paper plates

Paints Scissors

Long cardboard tube (kitchen tissue wrap or cling wrap)


Here’s what you need to do:

Draw a circle with a pencil on the back of a paper plate. Fold it and cut it out with scissor. Repeat the process for two or three paper plates or as many as you like. Paint the paper plate rings with the colors of your choice.

inline image

Now comes the part where we are making stand for the rings. Cut the slits at the bottom of the tube and flatten the ends. Then tape it to the back of a plate so it would stand straight.

inline image

Now let your children have some great summer time, while you capture the cute giggles and happy faces. :)