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Mustache Style Bookmark

How do we usually remember a page number? Through a folded corner, a spare sheet or probably by putting some object. Everyone has his or her own way of marking page in a book but that trick ruins the look of the book.

Do you like to see the folded corners or would want some creative solution to maintain the look of your favorite books?

There is, however, an easy solution: Bring back the bookmark! A good bookmark will hold your place clearly and reliably than a scrap paper. It will ensure the structural integrity of each page in the book is preserved.

Once you've tried a good bookmark, you'll never want to go back to the dark days of guessing whether you were at page 67 or page 76.

Here is a super creative idea of a bookmark – the Mustache Bookmark!

Step 1

Take a hard paper and draw as in the picture below

Step 2

Cut out the drawn part

Step 3

Cut a straight line of the same paper

Step 4

Stick it on one side of mustache

Step 5

Your mustache bookmark is ready for use