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Birds’ feeder

What is your children’s instant reaction when they spot a bird? Do they like feeding them? Do they run towards them to touch it? Children love to tease birds fly away. Teaching our children about the value of compassion and empathy is essential to raising kind and compassionate humans.

Make the learning fun for them by involving them in activities which are interesting and also teach them some sort of value. Build a bird feeder at home with your kids to teach them the moral values and have fun also. :)

bird feeder

What will be required:

  • Clean 1 litre juice or soft drink plastic bottle
  • Crafty knife/scissor
  • 2 wooden spoons which are not in your use

How to make a Bird Feeder:

  • Draw a half inch small circle on the sides of the cleaned bottle, at about 4 inches from the bottom.
  • Use a crafty knife or scissor to slit the circles from the middle. Cut out the full circles drawn each side of the bottle (obviously a parent’s job).
  • Insert a wooden spoon handle first through each hole and then through the opposite one.
  • Repeat the same process once more, if you want to add another spoon in the bottle.
  • Remove the cap, fill the bottle with birdseeds, recap it and put it in a place where birds can have easily.

By building a bird feeder with your children, you are teaching them to be humble and compassionate towards all the living things. Now this is what we call a responsible parenting.