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Dirt is Good

Dirt is Good

We know how important a messy play can be for the little ones – every stain is a sign of them learning and growing. That is why we say that dirt is good, from muddy splashes to sticky food stains – they are all part of how children learn through play and explore the world around them.

Four reasons to encourage messy play

There is no doubt that school plays a vital role in a child’s education, but there’s no substitute for the things they can learn by getting out and doing their own thing. One of the key benefits of messy play is the way it engages all your child’s senses, helping them to learn about the world first-hand.

Messy play for children often involves getting them outdoors, running around and playing games – which is not just fun, but also good for them, too. According to experts, our children should be physically active for at least one hour a day. Encouraging them to move their bodies and get messy in play is a great way to ensure they grow into active adults.

If your children are playing outside, they’ll meet other kids and get the chance to make friends, find new games together and bond over their shared experiences. If you really think of a great personality within your child, letting them be free outdoors with care. is the best mode of personality development for kids.

Whether it’s painting, colouring or a water balloon fight on a hot day, unstructured, messy play is great for developing creativity in little ones. Let them create their own art, crafts and games, and even if they come back dirty, welcome them dearly and share their experiences. Never worry as, Surf excel will be there to help clean up the mess so that experiences will not ruin their best clothes.